You’ve heard about boyscouts scandals before… but not like this one.

This is the most preposterous set of events we’ve ever heard. Ever. And it will be for you too.

Must. Listen. Now.


Is hypnosis real?

This week we interviewed Sam Mitchell, Zara’s best friend from high school.

He’s a professional hypnotist and expert on the subject. We discussed how it works, how he makes it work and why it’s so popular.

Check it out.


How extreme is too extreme of a celebration for black history month?

Boundaries are pushed…


This week we had Jordan Harbinger back on the show along with Caleb Bacon.

Jordan is a professional charmer who teaches incredible programs at The Art of Charm that change guys’ lives around.

This episode focuses on the science of speed dating and female psychology.

Check out Jordan’s website and podcast here.

Caleb’s podcast Man School is coming out February 1st 2013.

Check it!! Great episode about men and women relationships.


If you guys didn’t know, Zara has a bipolar twin sister named Zoe, and Ian regrettably invited her to stay with him for a week when she was in town.

Zara never talks about her, and you’ll see why after this episode.


Is it possible to get addicted to negative emotions? Listen to what Rebecca Goldstein had to say…


This week Zara and Ian talk to Zara’s brother Gabriel who travels to North Korea regularly. He organizes tours to go and talks all about the process and why he loves going so much.

Check out his blog, The North Korea Blog to read about his experiences and future plans.

It’s pretty interesting. And preposterous.

Hear about the trip to a country where Americans aren’t supposed to go.


This week, Ian interviews an animal activist who might take his beliefs a little far.


There are experts in illegal activity. And this one has no shame.

She wrote a book called “_______ For Dummies”.

Beware of this chick…


This is the definition of preposterous. Ian decided to seek out a psychic medium to talk about her job.

“Is this for real?” you might ask. And umm… yeah.

Big thanks to Bobby Kesselman for the help on this episode.


For those of you who are stressing out about what to get your loved ones for the holidays…

Orville Arkwright knows some shit. And he knows it well.

Listen to his advice during the holiday season. He’ll tell you EXACTLY what to get.


So this week, Zara was ballsy enough to go to Detroit and talk to Dantino West and check out his insanely profitable charity.

Well this takes a turn.


So finally you can get a better feel for who Zara and Ian are. And a little insight into Ian’s living situation.


So we brought Rachel Jenson back because it turns out there is something crazier than fucking for God. And if you want to refresh yourself on how crazy the first interview is, re-enlighten yourself here.

Putting this one into words won’t do it justice.

Just listen.


As if it couldn’t get worse, Alexis Greenworth’s new restaurant is called “Whites Only,” and of course Ian jumped all over that.

He also got a chance to interview some customers and understand what makes this place “successful.”

Maybe you’ll understand too. Listen.


So did we. This week we interview one of the girls from 2 girls 1 cup. Enlighten yourself.

Zara makes it through her first prison interview… Or does she?
Yes, you need to hear this and tell us if you think it’s as crazy as we do.
Check it.
This week, Ian went to south LA to talk to a working girl who gives an incredibly disturbing interview.

Listen here.
He’s more devastating than a hurricane or house fire. Meet “female motivator” Trifflin’ Jamal Johnson.
Hey everyone!
We had our good friend Jordan Harbinger talk to us this week. Jordan is a lawyer turned professional charmer. Professional means he makes money from it.
Jordan is awesome because:

  • He is the founder/owner/teacher at The Art of Charm
  • He isn’t douchey or creepy at ALL
  • He is not a “pick up artist” (seriously don’t call him that)
  • It’s his job to know what’s up with guy-girl relationships
  • He’s been kidnapped twice and we talk about it (wtf)
Hear what’s up with the dating world right now.
Whaaaaaat is going on with the world.
Gross. Gross gross gross gross.
There’s nothing else to say.
Just listen to this interview with Alexis Greenworth.
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