If you missed any of the last 4 episodes, you’re in for a treat.

Here is a compilation of our favorites over the last few weeks. They’re fantastic.


We all want to know the key to a long lasting marriage, and Reverend Brandon Johnson just wrote a book about the topic.

His answer: Don’t love the person you’re married to.

Does this make sense any to you? Hear what he has to say.

Reverend Brandon Johnson is also an ugly people’s rights activist, and you can hear his first interview with us here.


So last week we interviewed the Persian couple, and this week we interviewed their kids.

Hear about what the new generation of Persians are up to. It’s kind of hilarious.


So was Ian. So he found a Persian couple to talk to and asked some very important questions.

It’s enlightening and incredibly bizarre at the same time. As per usual.


Sure, everyone can believe a conspiracy theory or two.

But how far is too far? Our guest this week seems to believe that Republicans wanna make black people slaves again…

Holy shit.


As you already know, some people are happy with the Miss America winner and some people aren’t.

We happened to find an Indian woman who was absolutely offended.

Check out why.


This was a great month for The Preposterous Sessions. And we didn’t want you to miss it.

Listen to the crazy shinanigans people get into on our show. It’s never ending.


This week Ian and I found a gay mom who’s terrified that her son is gay too.

I guess it is possible that gay people can be homophobic.

Witness the weirdness.


We know you all have heard about the outrage of Ben Affleck as the new Batman…

Here with us this week is our personal favorite nerd, Orville Arckwright to give us his opinion.


Sure, you’ve heard of white rappers, and maybe even white female rappers.

But this week we found a white female rapper who blames her lack of success on racism.



Of course, the NSA is creepy and invasive. How would it be if the tables were turned and we knew everything about them?

Find out.


We only cover the most preposterous stories.

Listen to what you may have missed this past month.


There are people out there who believe there are safe ways to text and drive.

We found one who actually encourages texting and driving.

Find out why.


As if Jamal couldn’t get worse. He invented a champagne with the morning after pill in it.



The problem is that there are just way too many dick pics in the world.

And we got to interview someone who’s addicted to taking and sending dick pics. Gross.

Larry Miller has been on our show before. He was the one who got molested by the boy scouts when he was a leader. You can hear his first interview here.

Hear why he loves taking dick pics.


More of our favorite preposterous interviews. New episode next week, we promise 🙂


Ian decided to go after Zoe one more time… and of course she didn’t disappoint.

Listen to hear multiple personalities in action.


Just some more clips of our favorite episodes from the past few weeks.

Check them out in case you missed em. They’re quite preposterous.


It’s true, ugly people need rights too. And Reverend Brandon Johnson is here to fight for them.

Listen to what he has to say about “ugly people rights.”


Ever heard of Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrom? It’s a real condition, and Barb Monrey has it.

Getting turned on hurts, and the only way to get rid of it is to have an orgasm.

This is… preposterous. nuff said.


Craig has a different definition for what a disease is. Apparently a neighborhood can be considered a disease.

Do you agree with him? His case is kind of hard to argue…


How safe is too safe? This woman goes a little far when it comes to “protecting” herself. Scary.

How do we find these people?


Do you guys remember Orville? His first interview is here.

He’s an Apple enthusiast who says that there’s an “iPhone holocaust” impending.

It’s crazier than it sounds.


We put our favorite clips of the last few episodes together so you can catch up.

Need we say they’re preposterous?



In order to understand how ridiculous this interview is, check out Rachel’s first and second interview with us. That second one gets awfully personal.

This time she wants things to change in the world in order to help out her “cause.”

What the hell is this chick thinking.



In case you don’t know who Triffling Jamal is, hear his first interview here.

He makes Ian laugh and Zara wanna barf.

He guested on the show this week to talk about the newest bra study.

Here you go.


We all know about this preposterous trend going around: Catfishing.

So this week Ian decided to go on a personal mission to publicly humiliate someone who Catfished our friend Larry.

Larry has been on our show before. He’s a sleepwalker and we tracked his every move. His episode is here.

Listen to Ian tear apart this girl. Crazy.


In case you haven’t heard the first interview we did with Abdul Aziz, check it out here.

Abdul has some insider information on our country’s security and has some insider thoughts too.

Weird. And scary. Listen.


We sought out an extremely unsuspecting dating expert.

She’s preposterously good. You’ll definitely learn a few things by listening to her words of wisdom.

We did for sure.


We have a friend. His name is Harris.

Harris is known to do some weird stuff in his sleep.

And of course, we had to record every single thing he did over the 4 days we stayed at his house.

It was friggin weird. Experience it too so we’re not alone.


How do you know who the right man is?

Definitely don’t ask this one. She has a bad track record, and her husbands have records of their own.

Listen here.


Why not reminisce some more?

If you missed any of the old episodes, here’s a chance to catch up.

It’s crazy hearing everything this podcast has covered in the last few months.

Hope you like it.


How far does ‘teaching’ go? Is it possible to have a teacher that teaches you more than you ask for?

Apparently. What would you do if you had a teacher like this?


Sometimes you just have to look back and remember all the weird shit that’s happened in our show.

It’s fun to see just how crazy people can be. This episode is for old time’s sake. Catch up.


It’s always questionable whether our subjects are right or wrong.

This one is particularly strange. Abdul wants automatic weapons to be outlawed… but why?

Listen to why America is becoming too dangerous.

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