Ian Edwards was born in England and raised in Jamaica. His family moved to NY when he was 17.  The United States is a great place to live, but not when you have a third world accent and are friendless.  While he was literally slanging burgers at Burger King in East Meadow, Long Island, he turned to see his co-workers laughing.  Another employee Greg Ellis had them on the floor in stitches.  Everyone loved Greg, because he was funny, and when you worked with him, he made an 8-hour shift fly by.  That’s when it hit Ian.  He needed to tap into his funny side. In England and Jamaica he was a funny kid, but somehow he’d forgotten that part of him. From then on he became the second funniest person at Burger King.  He even made the prince, Greg laugh.

One day a customer whose order he’d taken at the drive thru, told him he was funny, and should try stand up.  Ian went down to Governors Comedy Club and bombed his ass off. He put on a clinic of, what not to do. Only one joke worked, because he managed to say it right. So Ian figured, once he controlled his nerves, he’d be all right.Since then, Ian has obtained prestigious credits such as SNL (writer), MTV’s hit show Punk’d (regular cast member) and 2 time HBO’s Def Comedy Jam (performer).  Most recently, Ian was a writer on Fox’s In The Flow (sketch comedy show Executive Produced by Jamie Foxx) and wrote on The 2011 BET Awards.  He also performed on both Conan and Lopez Tonight in 2011, and is slated to appear as a performer on Comedy Central’s Russell Simmons Presents the Ruckus in 2012.

Ian has also been invited and is set to perform at The Vancouver Comedy Festival in 2012, and in years past has performed at Montreal and Chicago Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, HBO’s Comedy and Arts Festival in Aspen and Bridgetown’s Comedy Festival.  In previous years, Ian was also a consulting producer on MTV’s Dogg after Dark (weekly late-night variety show hosted by Snoop Doog), wrote on Comedy Central’s Chocolate News, ABC’s My Wife and Kids, ESPN’s Mohr Sports and The Cartoon Network’s The Boondocks.  In addition, Ian has performed on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, HBO’s Bad Boys of Comedy, Showtime’s Live Nude Comedy and The BBC’s The World Stands Up.

Zara Mizrahi is one of the 19 people born and raised in Los Angeles, California. A childhood of Looney Tunes and The Three Stooges produced an unapologetic clown who eventually started writing jokes of her own, leaving unsuspecting family members and random homeless people giggling as they passed.

Then she took to the stage. As a child model who later developed an appetite, she turned to music and singing and formed Antidote, a Damian-Rice-meets-Slipknot new-age funk band for tweens. She learned piano, guitar, bass and drums, and is now moderately proficient in the electric triangle. Zara is also a trained singer with a tenor-soprano range, which makes spontaneous musical theater and prank calls very fun.

Zara began acting at 16 years old and trained in dramatic and comedic technique. Her breakout role, a short film about a 16-year-old girl actress who trained in dramatic and comedic technique, launched her career. She began writing sketches and gained minor notoriety in the world of DMV training videos. In 2011 she released a solo album, “Loosen My Lips,” which she wrote, sang and played on. “Loosen My Lips” is now available on iTunes and is not a euphemism for sex. She wasn’t kidding about the iTunes part.

Shortly afterward, Zara’s brother dared her to try stand-up comedy. Because she happens to love life and is incapable of regret, she accepted the challenge. She now performs stand-up every night, hosts and produces shows all over Los Angeles, and appears on various podcasts and sketches.

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