10 Responses to Home

  1. Templar7 says:

    Hey, I just checked out your podcast…man that opening cannibal interview cracked me up. I found you two to be a refreshing change to my regular lineup. I hope you prosper preposterously.

  2. SnakeZilla says:

    The way ian ask questions was just too funny during the cannibal interview..Found these on deathsquad.tv super good

  3. Timtastic says:

    Awesome podcast! Gonna follow both of you on twitter now.

  4. Doubledge says:

    downloaded your podcast from deathsquad. funny shit the interview with jamal was awesome. keep them coming.

  5. young says:

    you guys are too funny to have just one show per week…keep up the good work

  6. RedEye514 says:

    pure awesome! you two rock, keep it up!
    found the podcast through DeathSquad.

    “That’s not a compliment.”

  7. honie says:

    i like it.

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