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  1. Templar7 says:

    Hey, I just checked out your podcast…man that opening cannibal interview cracked me up. I found you two to be a refreshing change to my regular lineup. I hope you prosper preposterously.

  2. SnakeZilla says:

    The way ian ask questions was just too funny during the cannibal interview..Found these on deathsquad.tv super good

  3. Timtastic says:

    Awesome podcast! Gonna follow both of you on twitter now.

  4. Doubledge says:

    downloaded your podcast from deathsquad. funny shit the interview with jamal was awesome. keep them coming.

  5. young says:

    you guys are too funny to have just one show per week…keep up the good work

  6. RedEye514 says:

    pure awesome! you two rock, keep it up!
    found the podcast through DeathSquad.

    “That’s not a compliment.”

  7. honie says:

    i like it.

  8. Garrett says:

    Please get this on the Zune software if you can, I hate iTunes, but am a fan of Ian’s work.

    • admin says:

      We’ll check that out for sure. In the meantime we’re also on stitcher if that works better for you. Thanks for listening

  9. stick says:

    are you guys still on deathsquad? cause if you arent I cant find you on podkicker and 2 of the best podcasts of all time were the cannibal restaurant and the guy who was just going to watch the blue man group. Ive seen them it was great.

    • admin says:

      Hey thank you so much!!! Deathsquad stopped putting up our show for some reason but we’re still available every week here and on iTunes.
      Really appreciate your listens! Spread the word for us 🙂

  10. JayB says:

    Looking forward to making this podcast a regular on the ipod. By the way, basketball, football, hockey, none were invented in the U.S. as stated on WTF podcast. All were from a lil’ country to the north of you…

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